What Your Commercial Painting Contractors Want You To Know

What Your Commercial Painting Contractors Want You To Know

What Your Commercial Painting Contractors Want You To Know

8 August 2023
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When you hire commercial painting contractors to work on your property, the best way to get ideal results from the company is to find out what they'd like you to know about their services. In many ways, you can speed up and make more efficient the work of your commercial painting professionals by learning what they wish you'd understand about their business and what they do. Here are just some of the things your commercial painting contractors want you to know.

They are painters, not designers

Your commercial painting experts are happy to assist you in choosing a paint finish for your building, but leave the color choices and accents to designers. However, they will show you their portfolio of past completed work so you can compare other clients' desires and paint choices to help you make your own decisions. In other words, make sure you have chosen the paint colors you want and know what rooms you desire to have painted before calling your painting professional.

Keep in mind that many commercial painting experts do prefer a specific brand or style of paint to work with and may have sample chips to look at of some most-requested paint. This can help you make a painting decision if needed.

They prefer to do the prep work

Sometimes a client will attempt to strip old paint and do some prep work on their property before having the commercial painting professionals come in. While this can be beneficial, it can also be costly and time-consuming in the end if you don't know what you are doing and your commercial painting company has to then come in and basically reverse all the work you have put in. If you are going to do prep work before the commercial company comes in, ask them what they want you to do. This makes the job easier and more convenient for everyone.

They can work around your schedule in most cases

Unless you need painting done in the odd hours of the night where the work may be harder to do due to lack of natural lighting, your commercial painting experts are happy to work around your schedule. The work to be done is often expansive and can take away from normal business routines, so allow your commercial painting contractors some leeway while they determine the best way to approach your painting project.

Once you have your painting project completed, your commercial painting pros are available for touch-ups and other necessities.

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