When To Choose A Professional Painter To Upgrade Interior Spaces

When To Choose A Professional Painter To Upgrade Interior Spaces

When To Choose A Professional Painter To Upgrade Interior Spaces

26 June 2023
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The finesse of a professional painter elevates the pop of color on an accent wall and makes touch-ups blend in almost seamlessly. Before tackling a paint job as a do-it-yourself project, it's best to consider the skills the pros bring to interior painting and determine if elements such as time and quality are less important than cost. When expertise is key, research several different local businesses and request quotes to find the best fit. 

Prep work

For interior paint jobs, a key element of the painter's job is preparing the surface for new paint. Without proper prep, even the most beautiful DIY job can peel and crack in just a few years. A painter assesses the materials already on the wall and develops a plan for going forward. This can be as simple as cleaning or as complex as stripping old paint, patching the wall, and sanding before priming the surface to provide a smooth paint base.

Time requirements

New home construction projects with painting needs and interior design updates in existing homes both need to move on specific timelines. For a new build, interior painting may occupy a specific spot in the building timeline, making it essential that at least the first coat of paint is completed in a timely fashion. With interior upgrades, the home itself often requires restoration of full access in a certain timeframe. 

Professional painters are able to paint an entire home or a room much more quickly than the average homeowner. They have all the tools and supplies needed for quick taping and efficient painting and use techniques, like painting trim first to minimize the need for touch-ups, as different elements of a room are tackled. 

Quality concerns

Homes with bespoke trims, detailed woodwork, and other unique architectural elements on the interior need special care when painting to preserve the value of the home. Haphazard brush strokes on trim, an uneven paint color on molding, or lackluster shines can all impact resale value as they represent costs to future homeowners. Always consider if a home may be sold in the future when planning any improvement and budget accordingly when there are no experts in the household or family.

Safety considerations

Homes with lower ceilings present fewer safety challenges than a vaulted ceiling room or a high window ledge. While a short ladder can cover many home projects, these high-rises need larger ladders and even scaffolding to safely tackle ceiling paint jobs and the upper reaches of a room. While many of these materials can be rented, the added expense and effort can end up cutting any savings intended when starting a DIY job. 

To learn more, contact a professional painting service such as Elevation Painting LLC.

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