Hire A Pro To Avoid These Interior House Painting Mistakes

Hire A Pro To Avoid These Interior House Painting Mistakes

Hire A Pro To Avoid These Interior House Painting Mistakes

17 October 2022
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Because painting the interiors of your house seems pretty easy, you may overlook the need to hire a professional for the task. Unfortunately, tackling the job yourself can lead to mistakes that prevent you from achieving professional-looking results.

Here are some common mistakes you can avoid by leaving your interior painting job to a professional house painter.

Skimping On Prep Work

When it comes to interior house painting jobs, most DIYers fail to perform adequate surface prep work because they don't know how to do it, think it's time-consuming work, or don't understand its significance.

Proper surface preparation ensures interior surfaces are clean and free of surface imperfections, such as stains, scratches, flaking, peeling paint, cracks, and bubble holes. Well-prepped surfaces help with proper paint adhesion, which is essential for achieving a uniform appearance.

Not Using The Painter's Tape

Before applying the paint to your interior surfaces, some precautions must be taken to protect door and window frames, wall switches, skirting, and other unpainted areas from wet paint. Protecting surface edges with painter's tape helps achieve neat, professional-looking results.

Skipping The Primer

Priming is a part of the interior house painting process that some people overlook or forget, yet it plays a crucial part in creating a gorgeous, long-lasting finish. 

Primer serves three main purposes. For starters, it seals the surface to ensure stains do not seep through the fresh paint layers. Secondly, it improves paint adhesion to help achieve uniform application. Thirdly, it helps reduce the number of paint coatings required for your interior makeover, especially if high-quality paints are used.

Some professional painters use self-priming paints to save time and money on priming.

Using The Wrong Type Of Paint

The paint products used on your interior painting job also matter to your project results. Different rooms of the house may require different paints to achieve satisfactory results. For example, bathroom walls and ceilings require waterproof, bathroom-safe paints like water-based emulsion paints specifically designed for interior use.

The quality of paint used also matters to your painting results. Using low-quality paint will lead to unsatisfactory results, even if it is the correct type for the intended use. 

Other factors, such as using the wrong painting tools and painting in unfavorable conditions, may also affect the quality of your interior painting job. The best way to take the guesswork out of the job and avoid costly mistakes is to hire a pro.

Contact a professional house painting service provider today.

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