Painting Brick With Limewash: What You Need to Know

Painting Brick With Limewash: What You Need to Know

Painting Brick With Limewash: What You Need to Know

20 April 2022
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Limewash is a type of paint coating that can be used in a number of ways. It can be used to cover brick, or it can be used on other porous surfaces as well. Limewash is made up of crushed limestone that has been mixed with water and is an all-natural alternative to traditional paints. Limewash paint is hypoallergenic and can help promote healthy indoor air if used inside your home. If you plan on using limewash inside or on the exterior of your home, read on for a few things to know about this type of paint.

It Soaks Into Porous Surfaces

Limewash paint will soak into the surface you paint, so it should be used only on porous surfaces such as brick, stone, plaster, and even wood. It is not intended to be used on drywall. It will soak into the drywall and can damage it. If you do use it on drywall, you need to be sure to primer the wall very well before using the limewash paint. Porous surfaces such as brick and stone take in the limewash and it can help enhance the beauty of your brick and stone. The look it gives the stone and brick is not smooth like paint, but rather a dimensional look.

It Needs To Be Applied Properly

Limewash paint has to be applied properly, or you may not get the coverage or effect you were looking for. Limewash is best applied with either an air-less paint sprayer or with a masonry brush. You should not use a roller when applying limewash paint. You should also wet the surface you are attempting to paint, as it will help to soak in the paint and give you the look you are trying to achieve. The paint itself needs to be watered down, and depending on the coverage you want, more or less water needs to be used. Less water for more coverage, more water for less coverage.

If you have outdated brick on your home, or stone that is just not your style, you can limewash the surface to give it a new look and to help bring it into the current decade. Painting with limewash can be a lot of work, especially when getting in between the grooves and the mortar. To give you the right type of coverage for your home, you can hire an exterior painter to get the job done for you properly.

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