Weather May Determine Whether You Can Paint

Weather May Determine Whether You Can Paint

Weather May Determine Whether You Can Paint

4 November 2021
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A fresh coat of paint makes a house look so much nicer, but a fresh coat of paint applied in the wrong conditions will quickly turn into a mess. The weather is one of the major determining factors of whether or not a paint job will literally stick. Temperature, rain, and humidity all can support or ruin a coat of paint. This is one reason why you want a good house painting service to take care of the job; sometimes the weather may seem nice to you, but that company will know if the weather is truly cooperative.

Paint Sets Well in a Specific Temperature Range

Temperatures that are outside of a specific range will make it harder for the paint to dry properly. Depending on the type of paint, you don't want it to be hotter than 90 degrees Fahrenheit or colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that microclimates play a role in how hot it really is on the walls of your home, and you might also misjudge temperature because of what you're used to. For example, after a cold winter, an early spring day of 40 degrees may seem rather nice. But if you want to use latex paint on your home, lower than 35 degrees is too cold for proper drying. If you forget to check the thermometer outside because the day felt so nice, your paint job would likely fail. But a painting service would know that it was still too cold to do the work.

Try to Avoid Rain Altogether

You obviously can't paint in the rain, but what about on days when rain is expected later? Even then it might be a bad idea (which is frustrating if you live in a region known for frequent afternoon storms or monsoons). Paint needs some dry time after being applied to a house – dry time as in both time to dry and time when it's dry out. After a few hours, a drizzle might not do much, but if you suspect heavy rain is coming, don't paint that day. A painting service will be able to reschedule.

High Humidity Is Just as Bad as Heavy Rain or Hot Temperatures

What if it's a nice summer morning with temperatures in the mid-60s and no rain forecast? Isn't that a great time to paint? There's one more issue: the humidity level. Humidity that is too high – over about 85 percent – is just as bad for paint as rain. And many mornings that feel nice have high humidity levels.

Despite all this, it is possible to paint a home at most times of the year. You just need to know how to fit all the pieces of the weather puzzle together. A painting service can do this a lot more easily than you can, so give some a call and start getting bids for the job.

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