Painting Your Entire Home? How To Give It A Cohesivie Look

Painting Your Entire Home? How To Give It A Cohesivie Look

Painting Your Entire Home? How To Give It A Cohesivie Look

26 October 2020
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When painting an entire home, you don't necessarily have to stick to just one color. You can do this, or you can paint your home with differing colors. To give your home a nice flow, and not have too many contrasting colors that give you a shock every time you enter a new room, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful tips to help you give your home a more cohesive flow when you paint.

Paint With Like Colors

Use like colors throughout your home that are in different variations, such as lighter or darker shades of the same color. This can give you a more cohesive look and give you a nice flow. If you stick with neutral colors when you do this, it can help prevent you from having to paint over and over again when you change your decor. Paint a neutral color in varying shades. Browns and tans are a warmer color, while greys are more of a cool color. The feel of your home and your own style depends on what neutral you choose. 

Paint With Coordinating Colors

Use colors that coordinate with one another when painting an entire house. Paint with colors that match with one another and that flow with each other. You can look up coordinating colors online or you can choose your colors using the coordinating color swatches you find in the color sample books at your local paint store. Remember to use colors that are in the same color type, such as if you want to use blue, brown and white, you use colors that complement each other. Don't go with a vibrant blue and a muted brown, you should go with something like a navy blue or a dusty blue. 

Let Your Colors Flow

Allow your colors to flow from room to room with ease, try out your colors before you paint them on the walls entirely. Use smaller paint swatches to help you decide which colors to paint where. If you have a room without a lot of light, use the lighter colors in that room, use darker colors in rooms that have more light. This can help with flow. Make the paint transition with ease and not with too much of a contrast from room to room.

If you are painting your entire house, you should choose your colors wisely. If you aren't sure of the color pallet or need help painting your entire house, talk to a painting contractor.

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