Interior Painting Tricks To Paint Any Room Like A Professional

Interior Painting Tricks To Paint Any Room Like A Professional

Interior Painting Tricks To Paint Any Room Like A Professional

21 December 2019
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Adding a new coating of paint is one of the cheapest ways to update a room, but it is also exhausting and time consuming. Paint can change the entire look of a room, but you want it to have the right look. If you aren't sure how to paint a room, it may not have the right look you're going for and may be memorable for the wrong reasons. Read on for a few interior painting tricks to give your room a professional look.

Protect Your Edges

Those areas around your room that you don't want to be painted with wall paint should be protected. These areas include baseboards, carpeting, ceilings, and trim work. To help protect these areas, you can use painter's tape, a piece of plastic wrap, or you can use a piece of cardboard to protect your trim or carpeting. If you do get paint on any of these areas, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the wet paint. When using painter's tape, be sure to invest in good painter's tape that will adhere to your walls and prevent paint from bleeding through.

Use A Ladder

Use a ladder to get into those high up spaces of the room. Trying to stretch up high to paint is only going to lead to a sloppy job. Get up onto a ladder or on a step stool, or use scaffolding if you need to get up high. If you have vaulted ceilings, consider hiring a professional painter, especially if you have a fear of heights. A painter is used to those types of jobs and they also have the scaffolding necessary to get up that high.

Try Out Your Paint

Before you paint an entire room with a paint color you and then deciding you don't like it, consider painting with a sample of the paint instead. A lot of paint companies sell smaller paint samples of paint so you can try out the paint on your wall to see if you like the color. Take a few different paint colors and try them out on your walls. Also, don't use sites such as Pinterest or interior design sites as your sole way to choose paint colors. Those photos you see online of paint colors are much different than how those colors will look on your own walls. 

To help you paint your home like a professional, use the tips above. If you aren't interested in handling painting a room on your own, hire a professional interior painting contractor instead.

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