Tips For Cold Weather Residential Exterior Painting

Tips For Cold Weather Residential Exterior Painting

Tips For Cold Weather Residential Exterior Painting

8 October 2018
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If you wanted to repaint your home this past summer but time got away from you, and the project now must be completed during colder weather, then these tips will ensure your house looks fantastic when you finish and that the paint will properly cure.

Tip: Make Sure Your Choice of Paint Is Self-Priming Before Skipping the Priming Layer

If you don't want to paint the exterior of your home with a primer followed by another coat of paint, make sure you check to ensure your chosen paint is self-priming. While many paints today are, not all paints self-prime and if the paint you selected isn't self-priming and you don't paint on a coat of primer, then the paint will look spotty, and you will not be happy with the results. 

Tip: Buy a Specialty Paint Designed to Cure Properly in Cold Temperatures 

Painting in cold weather is not the time to choose the least expensive paint available. While an inexpensive paint from the home improvement center may appear to do the job at first, if the paint isn't designed for application in cold temperatures, then it will not cure correctly.

The result of using the wrong paint will be a lot of scraping and then repainting with a higher-grade low-temperature tolerant paint. To make your life a whole lot easier, buy a paint specifically rated for cold temperatures.

Tip: Paint in the Sun on the Warmest Day Possible

When you paint outside in cooler weather, it is vital you paint each side of your home as it is bathed in the daytime sun. The sun's rays add warmth to the substrate and ensure it is dry enough to accept the paint.

In addition to only painting areas of your home as they are in the daytime sun, you should also choose the warmest day possible for this project. Waiting for a warm day is always preferable to painting on a cooler day because regardless of the brand of paint you select, all of them will ultimately cure better in warmer temperatures.

Tip: Consider Having Your Home Professionally Painted

If you do not have any experience painting the exterior of a structure in cold weather, then this is a good time to think about outsourcing the project to a professional house painter. Painting professionals have all of the experience necessary to select the proper paint to use for low-temperature painting as well as knowledge of its correct application techniques to ensure your home's new paint job looks amazing when the paint has dried.

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