Portable And Compressor Spray Guns

Portable And Compressor Spray Guns

Portable And Compressor Spray Guns

21 July 2018
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Even if you have experience painting using rollers and brushes, you might want to consider using a spray gun system for your next commercial painting project. Spray guns have advanced in many ways over the years. For one thing, they are smaller, and easier to operate. This article looks at the various advantages of using a spray gun instead of a paintbrush and roller.

Different Types of Spray Guns

First of all, there are many different types of spray guns. In the past, compressor powered guns were the only way to go. They provide ample and steady compression in order to spray paint onto your walls evenly. However, they are quite large and can be hard to move around while you are painting. This becomes a chore on buildings with multiple stories. It can take time to move your compressor around, especially if you have a complicated scaffolding system.

Now, many professionals are using portable spray painting systems. In the past, portable systems were not great because they had a very limited capacity. That is, the batteries need to be changed and charged frequently, and the paint small reservoir is so that you always had to stop to fill refill the gun. Now, portable guns have better batteries, more consistent paint streams, and larger capacities. Since they have no cords, wires, or hoses, they are super mobile. This can be extremely helpful when painting from the top of a ladder or scaffold.

You Might Need Both

There are many situations where having a full-scale gun and compressor can be very cumbersome. Some pros will use a combination of portable and compressor-based guns. You can spray the easily reached walls with the compressor gun and then use the portable system for the rest of the job.

In the end, the best reason to use a spray gun, whether it is portable or compressor-powered, is that it enables the painter to get paint onto the surface more quickly than with rollers. Once all the prep work is done, spraying of the paint is very quick work. Even more importantly, this usually results in a more consistent and solid paint finish. There won't be any brush strokes, streaks, or missed spots if you use a spray gun.

In the end, you might need both systems if you are going to paint your commercial building in the most time efficient manner. For more information, contact a company like APC Services of New England.

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