How To Texture Drywall Before Painting

How To Texture Drywall Before Painting

How To Texture Drywall Before Painting

26 June 2018
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If you're going to repaint the inside of your house, you should also consider updating the texture. This is not a necessary update to your walls, but it does improve your style. Many old textures, like popcorn, are a little bit outdated. It is currently more popular to have a hand-troweled texture, as well as possible to leave no texture at all.

Do You Need to Re-Texture Your Walls?

Whenever you repaint your interior walls, there are definitely going to be spots that need to be patched and repaired. You don't want to paint over large holes, dings, or dents in the wall. You present yourself with a new problem if you patch these damaged areas because the patched area will no longer match the texture of your existing walls. The problem is that it often very difficult to match the new texture with the old texture.

Even if you have the same product that was used to create the original texture, there are a number of possible problems. First of all, your old wall may have been painted over several times, making the texture a little flatter.

Second, if you don't use the exact same technique to create the texture, it probably won't match, even if you have the exact same product. Third, once you paint over the newly textured surface, it might not absorb the paint the same, meaning that it could end up being shinier or more matted than the old surface.

Basically, there are many ways that your paint can patch the area can end up looking different than the old area. This is one of the best reasons to just re-texturing your entire wall, instead of just repairing the damaged parts.

Different Texture Techniques

The great thing about applying a hand-troweled texture is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The more random the texture is, the better it looks in the end. It is just important that you use the same basic spreading and swiping technique to make sure the texture is not too thick or to thin from spot to spot.

Spray textures are also desirable because they can be applied cheaply and easily. They are more ideal for larger surfaces and work best when applied by professionals.

If you decide that it is worth your time and money to re-texture your walls, just think about what style you like the most. Then, contact a painting service such as Walls-N-All Painting to discuss your options for implementing your plans.

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