Is Your Parking Lot Missing Its Stripes? Why You Need To Have It Restriped

Is Your Parking Lot Missing Its Stripes? Why You Need To Have It Restriped

Is Your Parking Lot Missing Its Stripes? Why You Need To Have It Restriped

14 March 2018
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Take a look at your commercial parking lot. If you can't see clearly defined stripes, you're missing something. Your parking lot should have plenty of clearly marked stripes so that your customers know where to go when they pull in. If your parking lot striping leaves a lot to be desired, you need to contact a painting service to come out and provide fresh striping for your commercial parking lot. If you still don't think you need it, here are four reasons that should change your mind.

You'll Create More Space

You might not realize this, but you can fit more cars into a parking lot when it has clear striping. That's because the lines show drivers exactly where they should park their cars; without the stripes, your customers will be taking up more space than they need to. They may even be parking so close to each other that you start noticing an increase in vehicle damage. Make the most of your parking lot space by having your striping reapplied.

You'll Provide a Safer Environment

If you don't have clear striping in your parking lot, your customers aren't going to be as safe as they should be. Clear lines help drivers stay on their own side of the lane, ensure proper crossing areas, and even ensure that drivers know where to stop their cars when they pull into a parking stall. Unfortunately, if your stripes aren't clear, you could be liable for any injuries that are sustained in your parking lot. You can avoid that by having the striping redone as soon as possible.

You'll Create a Better Looking Parking Lot

If your parking lot is looking run down, complete with potholes and missing stripes, your business is going to suffer. The condition of your building leaves a lasting impression on your current customers as well as your potential customers. In fact, you could be losing customers due to your poorly maintained parking lot. Make your parking lot look better, and leave a good impression on your customers, by scheduling an appointment to have your parking lot re-striped.

You'll Provide Designate Handicapped Spaces

If you don't have designated handicapped spaces in your parking lot, you could be creating a couple of problems for yourself. First, you could be out of compliance with federal law. Second, you could be making it more difficult for your disabled customers to frequent your business. The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, states that you must have at least one handicapped parking space in your parking lot. If your handicapped spaces are non-existent, or are difficult to see due to worn-out striping, you need to have your parking lot re-striped. You can contact professionals like Elite Line Striping for more information.

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