A Guide To Exterior Painting

A Guide To Exterior Painting

A Guide To Exterior Painting

27 February 2018
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If you're looking to give your home or business a fun and effective facelift, look no further than the exterior paint. An exterior paint job is one of the cheapest remodels, but it also has a very big impact on how your home looks. This is particularly true if you live in a tract home community where all the homes are painted the exact same color. You can make your property stand out with a smartly chosen color. Best of all, the work is something you can do yourself in order to make the cost of the project even more manageable. This article gives you some helpful tips for DIY exterior painting.

Sprayguns or Rollers

The first decision you need to make is how to best paint your walls. You usually need to choose between painting with rollers or with sprayguns. There are different types of sprayguns, but the process is pretty much the same. Paint rollers are definitely the way to go if you have a big group of people working on the project. If you can have three or four people rolling the walls at once, the paint will go on very quickly. However, if just one or two people are going to be able to actually paint, you should consider using a spraygun. A pneumatic or electric spraygun will enable you to get much quicker and complete coverage.

It is also easier to cover rougher surfaces with a spraygun. Of course, you will need to rent a spraygun system, but it is definitely worth it when you consider how it can take hours, if not days, off of your total project time.

Prepping Like a Pro

Perhaps the biggest problem with painting outside, especially when you are using a spraygun, is that it creates a bigger mess. When painting out in the wind, overspray is a major concern. You need to do a lot of masking off to prepare the area around your walls for the paint. Using lightweight painters plastic is the most convenient method. It allows you to spread out and cover huge areas very quickly. Painters plastic can be used to cover just about anything, from flowerbeds to window fixtures. Since it is lightweight, it can be taped tightly across complete window and door fixtures.

However, you don't want to use painters plastic on our your concrete walkways. Using construction or resin paper will provide a much safer surface to walk on. Plastic will just be a little too slippery.

If you prep well, and use the most practical painting tool, your exterior paint job is going to be a breeze. If you still feel like doing the job yourself might be overwhelming, don't hesitate to contact local commercial painting services

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