Post-Painting Life: What To Know About That New Paint Coat

Post-Painting Life: What To Know About That New Paint Coat

Post-Painting Life: What To Know About That New Paint Coat

23 February 2018
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Getting the interior of your house painted can be quite nice, but it can take some time. It's also not a slap-it-on-and-go type of job. When you get new interior paint, you've got a series of steps to go through, both business-wise and paint-wise, before you have a truly finished new paint job. Luckily, though, the steps are easy to complete.

Different Warranties Apply

One step is to become very familiar with the warranty on the paint. You should have a warranty on the paint itself as well as on the labor. For example, maybe the paint was applied properly, but the painter missed several spots and has to come out to finish those so that they blend in properly with the rest of the paint. Or maybe the painters painted everything correctly, but the paint turns out to be from a bad batch. Paint that was applied properly lasts a long time, though it does fade, so you want a fairly long warranty.

It Might Not Really Be Done for a Month

Paint not only needs to dry, but it needs to cure as well. This can take between two to four weeks depending on the type of paint. Paint that hasn't cured properly needs to be left alone for that time, which means you can't really do anything to your walls -- and unless you're about to fall over and need to grab the wall for support, you can't really touch the paint, either. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may smell paint fumes for a while, too, so the rooms you're in should be kept well-ventilated. If you have pets or children, or if you are sensitive to paint fumes, you may want to stay out of the house for at least a couple of weeks.

Your Eye Counts, Too

Good painters should always double-check their work before they go and make sure they take care of touch-ups. But you too should look over the paint job and point out things like missed spots, signs of peeling and blistering, cracking, and other defects before the job is totally done. That will save everyone time and eliminates extra warranty paperwork if you can find things before the painters leave.

Before you have the paint job done, discuss all these with the painters you choose to work with. Find out how they handle warranties, defects, and inspections, and ask about fumes and curing time. With the right care, you'll have a wonderful new interior paint job to enjoy for years. For more information, contact companies like Fresh  Home Painting.

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