Ready To Paint Your Office? How To Choose The Right Color For Your Office Space

Ready To Paint Your Office? How To Choose The Right Color For Your Office Space

Ready To Paint Your Office? How To Choose The Right Color For Your Office Space

17 February 2018
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If you're in the process of opening your new business, and you're getting ready to hire the painters, you'll want to pay close attention to the colors you choose. You may not realize this, but the color of your office will have a big impact on your employees. For instance, yellow increases anxiety, so you'll want to stay away from that color when you're painting your office. However, it's not just about the yellows. There are other colors that will play a big role in your office dynamics. Here are some colors you'll want to think about now that you're painting your office.

Stay Away From White

When it comes to offices, many people automatically lean towards white as the default color of choice. Unfortunately, white is usually a poor color choice for an office. White tends to slow people down, and make them less productive. In fact, if you paint your office white, you may find that your staff spends a better part of the day involved in activities that will slow down productivity, and hinder performance. If you need to paint something white in your office, use it in the break room or the restroom facilities.

Avoid the Grey Tones Too

You may think that going with a neutral grey will work well in your office. However, grey tends to sap the energy out of people and puts them into hibernation mode. If you're going to use grey, use it sparingly. Grey will work well as an accent color, especially when paired with a color that invites creativity and innovation.

Enhance Innovation with Green

If your office thrives on innovation and creativity, it's time to consider green as your color of choice. Green not only encourages innovation and creativity, but it also promotes harmony and contentment. That's a powerful combination of positive benefits, especially when you're trying to get your staff to come up with innovative ideas and products.

Keep Things Calm with Blue

When it comes to choosing a color for your office, you want to make sure you consider the type of business you conduct. If your office requires a calm and peaceful setting to conduct business, you need to lean towards blue as your color of choice. Blue provides a calming sensation, which is beneficial in the medical, psychological, and legal fields.

Now that you're going to be having your office painted, don't make mistakes with your color choice. The information provided above will help you make the right color choices for your office. Call a commercial painting service for more help.

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