3 Useful Tips When Hiring Commercial Painters

3 Useful Tips When Hiring Commercial Painters

3 Useful Tips When Hiring Commercial Painters

12 February 2018
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If your building is old, chances are its paint has seen better days. To prevent it from affecting business, you need to put a new coat on. This doesn't have to be that difficult when you hire commercial painters, which you can do with ease when you consider these tips. 

Compare Multiple Contractors 

There are probably many painting contractors in your area to choose from. This is beneficial in that it lets you compare different options, so you can find one that is perfect for your commercial building and budget.

Start by looking at the different rates or quotes. You obviously want a contractor that offers the most competitive. Just be sure you don't only focus on price, because quality is just as important. Look over each contractor's portfolio to assess the quality of their painting jobs.

You also should compare contractors based on the services they provide. If there are many issues with your commercial building's paint, you'll want a contractor that offers many different services. These may include trim painting, ceiling painting, and electrostatic painting. 

Ask About Protective Measures

Painting can be a messy job, and this could mean paint winding up in areas you don't want for your commercial property. That's why you need to ask the commercial painting contractor or company what measures they take as far as protection.

Look for companies that offer extensive prep plans, especially when it comes to interior painting. For example, you'll want them to set up specialized tarps to keep furniture and floors fully protected from paint. As far as exterior painting, you want a company that strives to preserve the landscaping and surrounding structures during the paint job.

Gather a Complete Contract

In order to protect yourself and the commercial building being painted, you need to obtain a complete contract. This document will include a lot of important information, such as the company name, address, painting services being provided, warranty options, and breakdown of the costs.

If the contractor fails to complete what they said they would based on the contract, you now have a legal document that can be used against them in court. These contracts are particularly helpful when it comes to the costs, as the contractor may try to charge more than what they originally agreed upon.

Your commercial building deserves to have a beautiful coat of paint that is applied in a professional, efficient manner. This is possible if you take your time looking for the right commercial painter, focusing on their past work, quotes, and credibility. 

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